Davis-Ruiz School for Higher Learning

This site is designed so that we can share our homeschooling with friends. family and fellow homeschoolers. You will find parts that is all about us personally, Parts that will help aid you with homeschooling your own family, and parts that are just for fun!!!

We are still contructing this site so please be patient with us. Please check out our new area Davis-Ruiz School for Higher Learning Book Sales

You can take a look at our homeschooling approach which I would describe as ecclectic. We us several different approaches and concepts. Pretty much whatever works with our family. You can also explore the places we have been to learn. From McNary Dam in Hermistion Oregon to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. You will also find Unit Studies I designed for my children. You are more then welcom to use them if you wish!

We incorporate alot of scouting projects in our home. You will find alot of scouting ideas through out our site too! This summer I will be posting a Cub Scout belt loop and pin program schedule. I will also be posting some badge ideas for Girl Scout

Hope you enjoy yourself while exploring our site

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